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If I Personally Understand About The Friendship Then I Can Say Friendship Is Not A Subject Just Like Math, Science Which You Can Study In Your School Or Colleges, It Is Like A Mutual Understanding Between Two Persons Who Accept It Not As Written But By Heart. This Is Not A Relation Which Can Bound You In Some Limitation But It Is Like Mutual Thinking And Thoughts Which Should Be Accepted Between Two Persons For A Long Life Of The Friendship Between Them.

Friendship Day Is Celebrated With Various Happy Friendship Day 2017 Wishes SMS Quotes Shayari Images For Free Download And Sending To Your Friends And Loved So Now We Start Our Category Without Wasting More Time Over Introduction.


Happy Friendship Day 2017 Wishes SMS Quotes Shayari Images


A Single Rose Can Be My Garden, A Single Friend Is My World.

True Friends Are Never Apart. Maybe In Distance, But Not In Heart.

Friendship Is Always A Sweet Responsibility, Never An Opportunity.

Am I Not Destroying My Enemies When I Make Friends Of Them?” Happy Friendship Day.

Friendship Is Not A Big Fire Which Burns All Day. It’S A Small Lamp, That Burns Till The Last Day Of Life. Happy Friendship Day.

A True Friend Is Someone Who Knows There’S Something Wrong Even When You Have The Biggest Smile On Your Face. Happy Friendship Day.

Friendship Is The Most Pure Relation In The Universe.I Love To Share My Thoughts To Someone Whom I Can Trust. Happy Friendship Day.

A Treasure Of Friendship Is In That Friend Who Comes With Lots Of Cookies For You And Has Their Own Fast On That Day. Happy Friendship Day

Collection Of Hearts Is Never Trusted As Friendship, But We Can Count Friendship With Selection Of A Good Heart”. Happy Friendship Day 2017

I Have Lots Of Friends In My Friends List, But Best Friend With A Good Heart Are Very Few And You Are One Of Them” Happy Friendship Day 2017.

True Friend Is Always Equal To Thousands Of Friends Who Don’T Talk To You When You Really Need Them Or Lots Of Whatsapp Friends Who Are Not With You.

I May Have Forgotten To Say That I Care. I May Have Failed To Open Up And Share, But Through No Words Have Been Spoken, My Promise Of Friendship Won’T Be Broken. Happy Friendship Day.

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Happy Friendship Day 2017 Wishes SMS Quotes Shayari Images


Friends R Like Mornings,
U Can’T Have Them The Whole Day,
But U Can Be Sure,
They’Ll Be There When U Wake Up,
Tomorrow,Next Week, Next Year…
A Good Friend Is Like A Computer,
He Enters In Your Life,
Save Himself In Your Heart,
Formats All Your Troubles
And Never Delete You From His Heart.
Happy Friendship Day.
Every One Can Speak Sweet Word …
Every One Can Buy Sweet Chocolat …
Every One Can Smell Sweet Rose …
But No One Can Have Sweet Person Like You.

Life Is A Party Whenever I Am With You,
You Turn My Tears Into Smiles
When We Share And Laugh Together,
You Make Me Spend A Lot And It Is Worth It,
Because I Care About You My Dear Friend.
A Good Friendship Stands The Test Of Time.
It Is Unbreakable In Spite Of The Seasons That Life Presents.
My Friend And Am So Glad To Have You.
When A Rose Withers,Its Value Fades Away.
When A Candle Is Lit, It Melts Away And Its Fire Dies,
But The Friendship You Have Shown Me
Is Like Fire That Burns In My Heart Eternally.

I Thought You Were Busy,
So Did Not Want To Disturb You,
This Thought Is The Main Reason Behind
Most Broken Friendship So Keep Disturbing Ur Friends.
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship Day SMS Messages

A Friend Is Sweet When Its New,
Its Sweeter When Its True,
And You Know,
Its Sweetest When Its You.
Happy Friendship Day.

Judai Aapki Rulati Rahegi,
Yaad Aapki Aati Rehegi.
Pal-Pal Jan Jati Rahegi,
Jab Tak Jism Mein Hai Jaan
Har Saans Dosti Nibhati Rahegi

Bahut Roye Wo Humare Pas Aake,
Jab Ehsaas Hua Unhe Apni Galti Ka,
Chup Karwa Dete Hum Agar,
Chehre Pe Humare Kafan Na Hota.

Friendship Day Shayari



True Friendship Is Like Sound Health; The Value Of It Is Seldom Known Until It Be Lost.

Friendship Is Always A Sweet Responsibility, Never An Opportunity. Happy Friendship Day.

Walking With A Friend In The Dark Is Better Than Walking Alone In The Light.  Happy Friendship Day..

Thank You For Touching My Life In Ways You May Never Know.  My Riches Do Not Lie In Material Wealth,

Friends Are Those Rare People Who Ask How You Are And Then Wait To Hear The Answer.  Happy Friendship Day.

A Friend Is Sweet When Its New, Its Sweeter When Its True,And You Know, Its Sweetest When Its You. Happy Friendship Day.

The One Who Likes You Most, Sometimes Hurts You,  But Again He Is The Only One Who Feels Your Pain. Happy Friendship Day..


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